As key management team members of the Kids Academy Group, we began to notice a concerning pattern in the level of skills and knowledge held by new graduates of both Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

As a company we worked hard to ensure that our centres provided a premium level of care and education for our children and families, and to enable this encourage ongoing professional development opportunities for our teams.

With the large amounts of funding being provided to the Early Childhood sector to upgrade qualifications in order to meet the requirements of the new National Regulations, and after consultation with our industry colleagues, it was a general consensus that we should create our own platform for training.

This gives us the opportunity to train new and existing staff in a manner which we felt would reflect the standard of knowledge and skills we would expect a graduate to have, and a solid foundation from which they could grow professionally.

We are passionate about delivering quality child care courses and relevant learning opportunities to our students which will see them fully equipped with not just another piece of paper, but the practical skills to implement their knowledge in a quality childcare environment.